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What should I wear to the Muttaburra Stock Show?

​​The dress attire varies from person to person!  It isn't as dressy as the races however many men will wear a tie & ladies will frock up.  A practical suggestions of boots (as opposed to open toe shoes) is recommended for the ladies so you don't get dirt in between your toes, and a hat can also be an excellent accessory for the sun! We also suggest a warm coat for when the sun goes down.  

Frequently asked questions....


What else do I need to bring?

  • The dinner on Friday night is under the stars so we would suggest a warm coat as it can be a bit fresh!​

  • Cash is king!  There is no ATM facilities, no paywave or no card facilities at Muttaburra - so we suggest getting some cash out before heading to Muttaburra. Additionally if you wish to drink spirits on Friday night you will need cash

  • If you would like to enjoy a run or a walk in the wide open spaces - pack your joggers!

  • A big heart - The region has been in its 8th year of drought.  Doing a little bit of shopping in the region will help our little community more than you would believe. 
    We have some wonderful shops in Longreach but even if you buy just a few birthday cards - every bit helps! Remember #buyfromthebush.

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