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Our Story

The company was founded in 2020 by Prue Button when, after having spent time working and living in both, she realised there was a need to bridge the opportunity gap between the business world and the Outback.


iButton Events is driven to help businesses and organisations realise their full potential by providing the perfect stress free environment to encourage strategic and creative thinking. Prue knows firsthand how harnessing lessons and experiences from the bush builds resilience, innovation, generosity, hard work and a sense of community – all good things for any team to work on!


Prue grew up and now lives around the Longreach area and she holds a deep and enduring love of the outback. This, combined with her corporate insight, her inherent ability to organise and her personal collaboration with each client ensures Prue is able to understand your needs and work with you to create your perfect Outback event.

Prue has combined her previous experience of running and owning an accounting practice with her family history in outback Queensland to create curated business or corporate retreats that put your team in a completely new environment to achieve great things.

Prue understands business, she understands the bush and she understands how to combine the two so your team can get maximum results.​

A natural organiser and super host Prue would be happy to discuss any event you may wish to organise, co-ordinate or create.

Come and visit the Outback - it is an experience you and your team won't forget.

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