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Muttaburra Stock Show

A unique Australian event with something for everyone

The Muttaburra Stock Show is held every year on the first Saturday of June. The entertainment is like no other, the drinks are always cold, the atmosphere fun & the personalities are wonderfully unique.  Do yourself a favour and get there in 2022. Mark the 4th June in your calendar.....

What happens at the Muttaburra Stock Show? 


The entertainment varies from year to year, but we can guarantee it is always unforgettable.  We've seen barside antics where participants run in flippers,

a tug-of-war, or men arranging flower bouquets - You never know what to expect, but we promise spectators will not leave without a laugh or a smile!

Sheep Racing

Buy a sheep for the race and try your luck at winning.  Sheep are auctioned off and races run during the afternoon.  The final race auction is always hotly contended, while everyone gathers for the final. It sure gives the Melbourne Cup a run for its money!

Market Stalls

A bustling hub of Markets Stalls, where both locals and businesses from far and wide sell their products and show their talents.  We have jewellers, artists, woodworkers, homewares, turkish rugs, clothing retailers - the list goes on.

Marque Luncheon

The Marque Luncheon with gourmet food, cold drinks and guest speakers is a wonderful way to meet new people, create connections and have a laugh.

Fleece, Wool & Cattle Competitions

Graziers from surrounding regions enter a range of events to showcase their sheep, cattle and fleeces.  Originally a sheep show, the main categories are in sheep and wool. In recent years, the cattle competition has started to gather attention and it has become a highly regarded competition in the area.

Novice Judging Competitions

A competition for any novice to compete in, with categories for adults and children.  You will be shown the basics and then asked to judge.  The outcomes are very interesting! 

Family Fun

Find plenty of fun for the kids too. Windy wizard, jumping castles, face painting, pig racing - Something different every year, we have fun for all ages!

Working Dog Trials

Appreciate the skills of working dogs in the working dog trials.  The dogs natural instincts combined with their owners training skills creates something amazing to watch.

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